5 Reasons To Start A Business In A Downturn

During an economic downturn, you might think that it would not be wise to start a business. However, this is actually the contrary in some cases.

Starting a business during a time of economic struggle might just be the means of getting your new business idea going. There have even been some cases where small businesses have thrived during a downturn and become a leading company in their respective industry. If you’re not convinced enough, then here are 5 reasons to start a business in a downturn.

  1. People want solutions

The common thing about recessions is that they create all sorts of problems, and they aren’t just limited to economic in nature. So during a downturn, people are looking for solutions to still meet their daily and necessity needs. This means that there are a lot of opportunities for startups to think of ways that they can service the people who are in desperate need.

  1. People want cheaper prices

Another thing about downturns that startups can take advantage of is the fact that everyone is paying close attention to their wallets. With fewer jobs or shifts available, people are conscious of their spending. So during a downturn is perhaps the greatest period that small businesses can undercut their competitors and win the hearts of many customers looking for cheaper alternatives.

  1. Startup businesses are flexible

One of the reasons why large companies really struggle during a recession is because they are well established. Unlike a small business, they can easily adapt to changing situations. Therefore, being a smaller and flexible business will certainly make it harder for the crumbling economy to chew you up.

  1. You can hire quality workers

Probably the saddest part about a recession is that good and genuinely hard-working individuals are out of jobs. If your business is thriving and increasing in sales, then the downturn is the perfect opportunity to find amazing recruits. Because people would most likely accept any paying job, you might snag yourself a highly-qualified worker.

  1. Everything is cheap

As a startup or small business, renting an office can be quite a scary move as it can take a huge chunk out of your capital. But during a downturn, everything is much cheaper. Therefore, renting spaces are selling off at a ridiculously cheaper price. In addition, vendors are more willing to offer discounts or negotiate a fair price in order to move stock at a quicker pace. Although it might seem wrong, there really is no better time to set up shop than during a downturn.


There are a lot more reasons besides these five to start a business in a downturn. In a world where fierce competition exists in almost all business sectors, it pays to take what advantage you have. By doing so, you may not only be helping yourself but also those who might be in dear need of your services and employment.

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